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The Stanley brand name is one of the most famous names in antique tools. Tools with the Stanley name are both common and collectible. Over the last three centuries Stanley has made hundreds of hand tools. Some tools are very common while others are very rare today.

Stanley Bedrock 605

Stanley No. 80 Scraper

Stanley No. 78 Plane

Stanley No. 4 Smooth Plane

Stanley No. 110 Block Plane

Stanley 60 1/2 Block Plane

Stanley No. 7 Jointer Plane

Stanley Bevel

Stanley No. 53 Spokeshave

Stanely Bedrock 605

Stanley No. 4 Plane

My Stanley Users

Stanley Scrubs



Stanley #75

Stanley #6

Bedrock 607

Stanley #7

My Planes

My Stanley Bedrock 606c

Stanley #4

Miter saw

Stanley #18

Monster Sprial Screwdriver

Stanely 60 1/2 After Rust Removal

Stanley #4C Type 11

stanley 340 furring plane

Plough plane

Panel plane

Circular plane

Rebate plane

Transitional plane

brace router storage cabinets....first iteration

Stanley Sweetheart #78

Stanley 103

stanley #5

Staley #80

Stanley #3C

Stanley Nr36 Level

Stanley 7506 N Tape Measure

Stanley Handyman Plane

july acquisition....stanley 444

Old # 45 Stanley Plow plane

# 4 Prelateral Stanley smooth plane

# 48 Stanley

# 3C Stanley Bailey Type 11

Stanley #78 rabbet & fillster plane

#1193 Stanley level

Stanley #5 and Spoke Shave

Stanley #5 showing rust

Plane Collection
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