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Robertson screw co, Milton Ont....wierd stuff

Name: Robertson screw co, Milton Ont....wierd stuff

Description: Counterclockwise, the photo shows Yankee square/hex nut drivers, three Robertson heads on Noerh bBro Yankee handles, electricians looooong screwdriver, bitstock robertson drivers, yankee pushdrull drivers, "screwlox8 screws, only in production for a few years, That shiny spot is a "jumbo screw" amd right beside it is a "jumbo" driver bit, Then theres a NIB combo head. All this stuff came from a PL Robertson sales manager. Screwlox was the name Robertson used in the USA At the bottom centre of the phot, just to hte left of the hex driver bit, there are two "relacement" tips....these guys used to replace tips on the screwdrivers. Bottom right, there is a short hex drive, and right above it is a longer one, with a yellow band on it.....machined carbide!!!! Only one I got. That's a piece of trivia is so uncommon...whouldathunk that a screwdriver mfgr would machine carbide tips......

Category: Other Tools

Brand: Other Brand Not Listed

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Posted On: 6/15/2011 10:31:24 PM

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